Dental Technology Enhances your Patient Experience

At Spink Dentistry in Vestavia Hills, Dr. Spink and his staff have incorporated some of today’s latest dental technology into their practice in order to provide patients with comfortable treatments and accurate results. In many cases, Dr. Spink can offer same day dental restorations using E4D CAD/CAM technology.

Modern dentistry has been able to improve the experience and the outcome with a wide variety of dental technology options. Everything from digital x-rays to dental lasers provide less painful treatments and more accurate results.

Dr. Spink uses a wide range of dental technology in his dental practice:

  • Diagnodent: laser cavity detection can painlessly spot tooth decay in the early stages
  • Digital x-rays: reducing patient exposure up to 80%
  • Soft tissue lasers: dental lasers allow Dr. Spink to treat the gums without the need for surgery
  • E4D: Dr. Spink can design, create and place high quality porcelain crowns and other restorations during a single visit.

Come in for a visit and see how dental technology can make your visit a more pleasant experience!