Teeth Whitening: Don’t Be Afraid To Show Off That Smile!

Maybe you have an important job interview coming up? A graduation? Or the wedding that will be the “happily ever after” for your storybook romance? Maybe you just want to look- and feel- your best? Whatever the reason, teeth whitening treatment can be the key to transforming your smile and letting you shine!

As we age, a lifetime of use can cause discoloration of our teeth. This discoloration can be compounded by other factors such as smoking, tobacco use or frequent consumption of coffee, tea, cola or red wine. While regular brushing and flossing can help slow this discoloration and keep your smile healthy, brushing and flossing alone cannot reverse these adverse effects. Over-the-counter whitening strips and specialty toothpaste may help some but are limited in strength and effectiveness.

This is where teeth whitening treatments come to the rescue! These treatments are fast and affordable. Professional teeth whitening procedures, performed in the office by your dentist, can produce dramatic results. These painless but effective treatments can brighten your smile by several shades in just one session. Other easy and convenient treatments are available that can even be done in the comfort of your own home!

Spink Dentistry in Birmingham offers two popular methods of teeth whitening that are popular and respected in the world of cosmetic dentistry. Zoom Whitening is a scientifically advanced process that can be completed in the office in about one hour’s time.

Zoom Whitening involves coating the teeth in a bleaching agent made with ph balanced Hydrogen Peroxide. The skilled and conscientious staff then applies a special light to maximize the whitening power of the solution. Zoom Whitening may cause your teeth to be six to eight shades whiter in only one session!

Spink Dentistry also offers KoR Whitening. KoR Whitening is a take-home system, popular for its’ ease and convenience. KoR involves your dentist’s office making a custom mold of your smile. This mold is used to create a mouthpiece, called a bleaching tray, with which you are sent home to fill with KoR’s bleaching agent and wear on your teeth while sleeping.

KoR’s whitening gel restores the natural ability of our teeth to absorb oxygen, causing stains to fade or even disappear! Teeth have been observed to improve as much as sixteen shades with this treatment. With proper care and maintenance, your results can last a very long time.

If you want to put your best smile forward, maybe teeth whitening is for you. Talk to Dr. Spink about which whitening option might be right for your smile.