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Teeth Whitening: Don’t Be Afraid To Show Off That Smile!

Jul 31, 2018::bteR42ocErtc

Maybe you have an important job interview coming up? A graduation? Or the wedding that will be the “happily ever after” for your storybook romance? Maybe you just want to…

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Ways To Improve Your Gum Health

Jun 14, 2018::bteR42ocErtc

At Spink Dentistry, we believe that healthy gums are the foundation of a healthy smile. Gum disease remains one of the leading causes of tooth loss in adults. Gum disease is caused by…

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Toothbrush Care Tips

May 16, 2018::bteR42ocErtc

When was the last time you switched out your toothbrush? If you have to think about, it may be time to replace your toothbrush. Typically, patients use their toothbrush twice a day for…

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Find Treatment For Teeth Grinding in Birmingham, AL

Apr 3, 2018::bteR42ocErtc

If you are experiencing headaches (especially in the morning) or jaw pain, you may grind or clench your teeth. Many patients don't realize they grind their teeth until they visit…

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It’s National Dentist’s Day

Mar 6, 2018::bteR42ocErtc

National Dentist's Day is right around the corner, and we are taking a moment to thank Dr. Bruce Spink and his dedicated dental team at Spink Dentistry for all their hard…

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Save Your Teeth From Dental Erosion

Feb 19, 2018::bteR42ocErtc

Dental erosion occurs when acid destroys the tooth enamel. In advanced cases of dental erosion, the dentin is exposed which may cause tooth sensitivity or pain. The causes of dental…

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Improve Your Smile This New Year

Jan 4, 2018::bteR42ocErtc

It's the new year, so many of us are setting goals that we intend to complete throughout the year. We hope that one of your goals is to improve your…

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About Porcelain Veneers

Dec 11, 2017::bteR42ocErtc

At Spink Dentistry in Birmingham, AL, cosmetic dentist Dr. Bruce Spink works with each patient to provide the right treatment for their dental needs. If you are interested in a…

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Sleep Apnea and Your Oral Health

Nov 7, 2017::bteR42ocErtc

Did you know snoring can be an indicator of a more serious problem like sleep apnea? If you suffer from sleep apnea, Birmingham, AL dentist Dr. Bruce Spink may be able to provide…

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Say Goodbye To Those Scary Cavities

Oct 10, 2017::bteR42ocErtc

Cavities are one of the most common dental problems amongst patients of all kinds. Don't let your tooth decay progress to the point where it becomes a cavity. General dentist…

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