Dr. Spink has incorporated E4D technology into his dental practice to provide high quality, custom porcelain restorations such as dental crowns in a single visit.

With E4D technology, Dr. Spink can design, fabricate and place high quality porcelain restorations that are durable, comfortable and lasting. Meredith Spink is an in office Certified Dental Designer with education and experience in designing dental crowns, veneers and other dental restorations using E4D technology.

Benefits of Same Day Dentistry:

  • Saves time and money: there is typically no need to make a return visit after having a restoration placed.
  • High quality, custom results: with E4D technology, patients receive the same high quality, customized porcelain restoration that would be created in a dental lab.
  • Comfortable treatment: E4D uses digital technology to create an accurate custom restoration without the use of messy impression trays.
  • Instant results: a broken crown can be fixed right away.