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Find Treatment For Teeth Grinding in Birmingham, AL

If you are experiencing headaches (especially in the morning) or jaw pain, you may grind or clench your teeth. Many patients don’t realize they grind their teeth until they visit an experienced dentist. Birmingham, AL dentist Dr. Bruce Spink has …
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Save Your Teeth From Dental Erosion

Dental erosion occurs when acid destroys the tooth enamel. In advanced cases of dental erosion, the dentin is exposed which may cause tooth sensitivity or pain. The causes of dental erosion vary and may be caused by more than one …
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Everything You Need To Know About Halitosis

Suffering from bad breath? Birmingham dentist Dr. Bruce Spink may be able to help treat your dental concerns. Bad breath can have detrimental effects on your social life; it is important to have your teeth examined to determine if your …
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Everything You Need To Know About Gum Disease

Did you know that the health of your teeth can be affected by the health of your gums? Vestavia Hills dentist Dr. Bruce Spink looks for the signs of gum disease during your dental exam. What is gum disease? Gum …
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Raising Awareness for Oral Cancer

April is National Oral Cancer Awareness Month. Dentist Dr. Bruce Spink knows that early intervention can save lives. Oral cancer is often fatal because it goes undiagnosed until the late stages. Getting screened every 6 months can help catch oral …
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The Signs of Teeth Grinding

If you experience consistent tenderness or pain in your jaw, ears, or have frequent headaches, you may be grinding your teeth. Frequent teeth grinding or jaw clenching can cause damage to your smile, and is a leading cause of temporomandibular …
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Keep Your Smile Healthy

Dental health can have a huge impact on the overall quality of life and wellbeing. This is why it is so important to maintain good oral health and to visit Dr. Bruce Spink regularly. At the Birmingham, AL office, Dr. …
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Treat Snoring For Better Health!

Birmingham, AL dentist Dr. Bruce Spink offers treatment for patients who snore, bringing relief from symptoms and a good night’s sleep for all! Snoring is often not just the result of a stuffy nose or bad sleeping position, it can …
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April Is Oral Cancer Awareness Month

Oral cancer is a growing health concern with cases rising annually around the globe. Although there are several contributing factors, one of the most important is the lack of routine screening. Sadly, a large percentage of diagnosed cases are late …
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