Dental Concerns Birmingham, AL

Dental problems can often affect not only the health of your smile but your overall appearance and physical well-being. From tooth decay to missing teeth, Dr. Bruce Spink works with patients on an individual basis to address all types of dental concerns. Routine dental care can help you to avoid the development of many common dental concerns including tooth decay and gum disease. We screen for the early signs of these and other oral health concerns when you visit with us twice a year for prompt diagnosis and conservative treatment.

If you have concerns about the health, function or appearance of your smile schedule a visit with Dr. Spink for a thorough examination and personalized treatment recommendations. Restoring your dental health will also provide benefits for your overall physical health and your quality of life.

Crooked Teeth?

Dr. Spink offers convenient and discreet orthodontic treatment for teens and adults with invisible braces. We offer Invisalign®, Inman aligners and MTM clear aligners to address mild to moderate concerns, including tooth position and occlusion problems. Invisalign and clear aligners can straighten your teeth, improve bite function and stabilize your oral health.

Snoring? Feeling Tired?

Dr. Spink can treat snoring and sleep apnea with comfortable oral appliances that will give you back the ability to rest peacefully. We screen for the oral signs of a sleep disorder and work with local physicians trained in sleep medicine to coordinate sleep studies and proper diagnosis.

Missing Teeth?

Dr. Spink can replace one or more missing teeth with a range of options, including all types of dental implants and implant secured dentures. Dental implants can offer certain key benefits for patients as well as the most natural looking and functioning results.

Bleeding Gums?

Gums that bleed are the indication of developing gum disease and should be addressed by Dr. Spink to avoid permanent damage to the gums and eventually the teeth. Gum disease is a progressive dental problem that impacts all aspects of your oral health over time.

Worn Teeth? Headaches?

These are common symptoms of a TMJ disorder or bite problem. Dr. Spink has advanced training in the diagnosis and treatment of TMJ disorders and works with patients to establish a healthy, comfortable and stable bite. Treatment can alleviate discomfort and restore the health and beauty of your smile.