Sleep Apnea Treatment Birmingham, AL

Dr. Bruce Spink offers oral appliance therapy for sleep apnea and snoring in our Birmingham dental office. A member of the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine, Dr. Spink has advanced training in the treatment of sleep apnea and sleep disorders. Patients who have been diagnosed with mild to moderate sleep apnea or have proven to be CPAP intolerant can improve symptoms using a custom-made oral sleep appliance that is designed to meet their needs. Although the CPAP remains the “gold standard” of treatment for sleep apnea and is recommended for more severe cases, oral appliance therapy is an alternative solution when appropriate.

oral appliance therapy for osa

Since I began using my oral appliance, I can tell that the quality and quantity of my sleep has definitely improved. I’m no longer tired during the day and I’ve regained a mental edge that I haven’t felt in years on a consistent basis. I no longer am dependent on large volumes of coffee to keep me up and running throughout the day. Best of all, I no longer snore…a fact that my wife and family greatly appreciate! My oral appliance is custom made and Dr. Spink has gladly made several adjustments to it when necessary to ensure that it remains completely comfortable and effective. Dr. Spink and his staff are always friendly, courteous, and professional. They always take the time and effort to make sure that their patients are completely satisfied. I highly recommend them!
John E.

How Does Oral Appliance Therapy Work?

A custom-made oral appliance is designed to reposition the tongue or the jaw to relax muscles and prevent the soft tissues at the back of the throat from collapsing. Dr. Spink works with a range of oral appliance vendors to meet the unique needs of our patients and to ensure that you receive appropriate care for your oral structure and symptoms.

Dr. Spink will use digital imaging and dental impressions to choose and order the most suitable oral appliance. The goal of your treatment is to minimize or eliminate apnea episodes during sleep to reduce major health risks often associated with sleep apnea and to improve your quality of life.

An oral appliance fits much like a custom mouthguard, snugly attaching to the teeth. Most patients find it to be relatively comfortable, especially when compared to the CPAP. It is possible to speak and consume fluids with the appliance in place and traveling is also easy, improving overall compliance among users.

In addition to the oral appliances discussed below, Dr. Spink uses the Vivos system to treat sleep apnea, sleep-disordered breathing and bite problems associated with sleep disorders. Vivos is a unique system providing advanced diagnostics, treatment and patient education for addressing symptoms and improving oral health and wellness.