Same Day Dentistry

E4D dental technology has revolutionized the way Spink Dentistry is able to preform restorative dentistry treatments. What once took weeks, now may be completed in just one visit to our Birmingham, AL dentist office. Custom porcelain dental crowns can now be fabricated and custom fit in just a single visit.

Dental crowns are a restorative dentistry procedure that can fix chipped or cracked teeth or tooth gaps. Dental crowns are a custom fit restoration that wraps around your entire tooth. Crowns are color matched to blend in with your natural teeth. Dental crowns have been used in restorative dentistry for a long time, but modern computer software and dental technologies are making them more comfortable, effective and long lasting. Same day dentistry makes restorative dentistry convenient.

E4D offers comfortable treatment for patients. E4D eliminates the need for messy impression trays. Impression trays were once used to take molds of your mouth to create your custom crown. E4D takes mess free digital images of your mouth. With the use of advanced dental software Dr. Spink is able to create highly accurate images of your teeth and gums.

E4D technology creates the same custom and high quality crowns that dental labs once took weeks to fabricate. By cutting out the third party dental lab, Dr. Bruce Spink saves his patients time and money. E4D technology can measure, fabricate and fit crowns in just one visit to our Birmingham dentist office. Spink Dentistry’s Meredith Spink is a Certified Dental Designer. With years of experience and education, Meredith designs highly accurate crowns in the comfort our office. Meredith will help color match your crown to your natural teeth. Lab quality ceramic crowns make it nearly impossible to tell the difference between your crown and your natural teeth.

For high quality and experienced same day restorative dentistry visit Dr. Bruce Spink and his highly trained dental care team. Restorative dentistry can prevent further development of complex oral health concerns. Restorative dentistry procedures can help build healthy and functioning oral health and may even restore the aesthetics of your smile.